Our Story

Our story
'Po' is a swell name for a giant panda! No, it's not suggestive of the Kung Fu panda's smacking sound when he hits the bad guy in the movie. It's more because 'Po' is a cool diminutive of Ailuropoda melanoleuca (that’s what the scientist guy in a white coat calls a panda). We knew our destinies were intertwined from the first time we heard of the giant panda. Of course, you get that when you combine two living entities (the panda and us) who both have the same innate desire to relax and live their best lives. And so, in the spirit of uncovering and forging relationships that imbue us with the powers to relax and be happy, let’s talk about — Ropoda! Our brand.

Our brand.by regularly promoting fun activities, Ropoda will help parents and children all over America —and the world— see each other in their relaxed element and help them bond to become even closer.

We are seeking all the help we can get in making this a reality for families across and beyond America. This is an invitation for you to try out our offerings for your kids or maybe gift them to another family you hold dear. They'll bless your heart for it. We hope that, anyone (including you) who encounters our creations can find their “Po” in our Ro-P-O-da.