Ropoda Flying Disc


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  • 【Enhanced Version】The latest version of the flying disc game set has improved the pole's thickness from 1mm to 1.5mm, and exchanged the spike's ABS material to PPR, which is more robust and less likely to break. Enjoy a fantastic time with these outdoor games suitable for adults and families.
  • 【Begin the Merriment】The ropoda flying disc and bottle game is perfect for engaging with friends and family. Enjoy this outdoor disc toss game during BBQs, camping, beach outings, or in any yard where you can insert the poles. This game promises hours of entertainment.
  • 【Easy Installation & Portability】The beer bottle throwing game is easy to get used to; each pole consists of four parts, allowing for quick setup and disassembly. The accompanying bag ensures easy storage and portability, letting you take the game anywhere.
  • 【Simple to Learn】Score points by making the bottle or Flying Disc hit the ground before the opposing team can catch them. The bottle drop yard games are easy to grasp but challenging enough to keep you eager to play again. An excellent choice for a beach and lawn game gift!

1.Do the poles come apart and fit in the bag too?

Yes, the poles can be disassembled into smaller sections and reassembled when needed.

2.Are the poles adjustable in height?

Yes, the pole come in three pieces, and you can remove one to make it shorter.

3.How many frisbees are included in this game?

The package includes a single 10.6-inch flying disc.

4.How much does the frisbee weigh?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fun outdoor game that can be relaxing or surprisingly difficult

This is a fun outdoor game of skill and a little luck. We haven't played a real game yet. It turns out that throwing the disc and hitting the bottle can be a challenge. I've played plenty of catch with a disc and it was fun and easy. But I suppose any disc golfer knows that hitting a small target can be a challenge. The disc is large and sturdy and I'm a little tentative throwing it too hard since I have grandchildren trying to play. We modified the rules for the little ones, if they hit the pole and knock the bottle off, it still counts but only points for the bottle hitting the ground. So far, it is a good activity and we are all getting better at throwing the disc accurately. Maybe there is disc golf in our future?
The set itself is sturdy. The dirt in our yard is a little hard so I used a hammer to get the stake in the ground and then attached the rest of the pole. The scoring rings are small so they included a couple of extras if you lose them. Everything fits into the bag once disassembled. The bag is light and easy to carry so perfect as a beach game.

hayla Emerick
Flying Disc

I was just able to test this out over the holiday weekend and WOW what a fun game! It's super simple to set up, and it's hours of fun! Put the poles together, stick them in the ground and you're good to go!

Lots of fun!

We play a good deal of disc golf and host many events. I wanted to get this to add to the warm up area for people to play with while they warm up, wait, or just hang out.

It's a decently solid piece of kit, super easy to assemble and put out. Gets a lot of play from everyone. I don't care for the frisbees that came with it, but there are tons around to throw that work better so it was never going to be an issue. Every one of these we've ever had came with super cheap frisbees. But once you get used to their flight you can dial them in. Overall, I'm pleased with this item and it's getting a ton of use.