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  • 【ENJOY A COMFORTABLE SLEEP】Experience a comfortable rest and sleep with the ropoda camping cot, equipped with plush, removable cushions and height-adjustable pillows. The camping cot's height can be adjusted to four different levels, allowing you to lie flat, sit up, or recline, helping to prevent back pain.
  • 【SIMPLE TO SET UP AND STORE】The folding camping cot does not require assembly and is easy to use. It can be conveniently folded and stored in a closet or under a bed, making it an ideal choice for camping or as an extra bed at home.
  • 【ROBUST AND LONG-LASTING】The folding cot is constructed from sturdy steel tubes and durable, breathable Oxford fabric. The camping bed's four support legs feature a secure triangular locking system, providing optimal comfort and relaxation off the ground.
  • 【VERSATILE USE】The folding cot is suitable for a variety of occasions including camping, travel, poolside lounging, or as a spare bed. It serves as an ideal temporary bed for guests or a convenient option for office breaks.

1.What is the best way to clean it?

The best way to clean it is to wipe it with water or use a brush. The fabric is quick-drying, so it will be ready to use again in no time.

2.What is the weight capacity of this item?

350 pounds.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Comfy cot

Really comfy cot.

We got this as an addition for our guest room as we often have the kids and grandkids in town. It’s a well made and comfy cot, but a bit bigger and thicker than anticipated. It takes a little more work for me to bring it up and take it down to our storage in the basement.

Overall we’re really happy with it. A lot more impressive than I imagined and attractively priced. I don’t see any reason it won’t hold up for years. It’s well made with what appears to be quality materials.

Good camping need

The Camping Cot is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a comfortable, versatile, and durable sleeping solution for camping trips, outdoor adventures, or as a spare bed for guests. This adjustable, folding cot features a cozy mattress and pillow, making it perfect for a good night's sleep in any setting. One of the standout features of this cot is its adjustable design, which allows users to choose from four different positions to find the perfect level of comfort. This makes it ideal for those who prefer to sleep with their head elevated or who simply want the option to adjust their sleeping position as needed. The durable fabric and steel frame construction ensure that this cot can withstand heavy use and frequent folding and unfolding without losing its effectiveness or showing signs of wear and tear. This makes it a great investment for those who plan on using it for multiple camping trips or outdoor adventures.


We tested this cot out over the weekend. Mixed reviews. I'll stick to my hammock (and will try harder to find trees next time we're supposed to be cabin camping!!), but my boys both liked the cot and the 13yo wants to bring it to summer camp in lieu of the ancient scout cots that are available.


- Very sturdy. Held my 6'/150lb kid the first night, and my 5'6"/260lb self the second night. It did not at all feel flimsy, like it was going to fold up with me in it, or collapse if one of the kids plopped down next to me on it (important to note because that's how my last full-sized camp cot perished).

- SO easy to unfold/refold and set up.

- The envelope part of the mattress pillow at the top - very convenient; doesn't slip off easily, keeps the mattress in place.

- I liked the color. It's pretty.

- Cushion is SO SOFT and squishy. Way better than the other cot we got for this trip, and much better than I anticipated after reading reviews for other cots. I expected it to be a lot thinner than it was.

- The ability to angle the head up more. The first night I slept on a non-adjustable flat cot, and my neck was so stiff by the time I woke up that I wanted to cry. I ended up trading with my son and sleeping on this cot the second night specifically because it let me sleep in a better position. That was a huge bonus. I'm getting old. Ha!


- I didn't love the ribbons to tie on the ends; we have another cot that has a more secure system for keeping the mattress/pillow on the cot, but it's just a personal preference and did not affect usability at all. (With the exception that when my son set it up, he tied knots and it took me forever to pick them out.)

- Heavier and bulkier than your average camp cot. That being said, I feel like this is less of a camp cot and more of a spare bedroom or by-the-pool sort of thing (which of course isn't what we'll use it for, but I definitely don't want to be the one lugging it half a mile to a campsite, so unless you're car camping or have a wagon, I'd pass on this particular model).


- I feel like the cot itself (under the padding) was... too taut? Not too hard, per se, because sitting on it is totally fine. Almost like when your camp pad is too inflated, but worse because there's no "give" on the cot. I'm not sure what exact issue I had, but I ended up bruised on both hips after a night of tossing and turning. (Tossing and turning generally attributed to sharing a cabin with 25 Scouts and Adult Leaders, at least half of whom snored all night; bruising because I'm a side sleeper and just couldn't find soft spots after a while.) I do think that if I put one of my inflatable camp pads underneath, I'll be just fine (and that's our intention for future use). Just wasn't expecting to need one with the cot since it came with the padding already.

- Carry case has no handles... it's not the end of the end of the world, but that's poor design for something of this weight. You could probably modify and attach some handles for easier use, but it'd be better if it came like that.

Overall, the kid liked it better than I did, but we both agreed it has the superior cushion and angling as compared to the other cot we'd purchased. No regrets on acquiring this cot.

Robert C. (Sanjisdad)
Love this cot!

I bought this camping cot as emergency bedding for unexpected guests.

First of all, I like that this comes with the mattress pad which has a velveteen fabric finish. The mattress pad hooks over the end of the cot from by way of a flap on the pad which helps to keep it in place. There are also ties to tie it onto the frame. There is also a neck pillow gizmo which slides over the frame of the cot.

The cot itself is very comfortable. I'm old enough to recall the old army cots that people used for camping. They always had something in the frame that stuck into your body, this cot design has avoided that problem. You can also adjust the head end of the cot to three different positions of incline.

It is easy to set up and took moments to be ready for sleeping. Folding it up again was easy and it comes with a dust cover to slide over the folded cot for storage. I left the mattress pad in the cot which made putting the dust cover over it a little snug, maybe the cover is for the mattress pad only or the cot only, but I got both inside the cover.

I recommend this cot as emergency bedding or for camping for those who like sleeping up off the ground.