Ropoda Giant Yard Pong


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  • 【ENJOYABLE FOR ALL】 - ROPODA's outdoor activities are fun for everyone and a wonderful addition to our family's outdoor enjoyment kit! It's the perfect game for backyards, beaches, barbecues, and more.
  • 【HIGHLY MOBILE】- Our bucket game comes with a robust carrying bag for easy transportation, making it a perfect outdoor game for families, children, and adults.
  • 【SUPERIOR QUALITY】- Our buckets are made from plastic material with high impact strength, designed to stack and separate easily after a matte treatment.
  • 【COMPLETE SET】- ROPODA's yard pong set comes with a carrying bag, 12 sturdy buckets, 2 tennis balls, and 2 bonus special balls. This will greatly enhance your gaming experience.

1.How big an area is needed to play the game?

To play Giant Yard Pong, you need at least a 12 by 12 feet area. This allows enough room for proper gameplay and movement around the playing area.

2.How to play this game?

Each side sets up 6 buckets in a triangle formation. Players take turns tossing balls into the opponent's buckets from a distance. A bucket is removed each time a ball lands in it. The team that removes the most buckets in the fewest turns wins.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great quality and lots of fun!

I love that larger size of these and overall durability. We have a very large family that can be pretty rough on outdoor things, but this set has held up well. They really do glow in the dark, but we have to take it all out of the shed earlier in the day to get some sunlight if we want them to glow well when it gets dark. The plastic feels thicker and more durable than I anticipated.

We always opt to use these with water, but it isn't exactly needed either. I love the carrying case and the fact that the set is pretty compact and portable when nested together!

So much fun!

Great for spring/summer fun

This is a fun and easy to set up set that includes 12 buckets, 6 balls, a carrying case, and a quick instructions guide. The buckets are about the size of one you would take to the beach and are lightweight with the game name tagging the front. The whiffle balls are a little thicker/heavier than one you might find in a kids ball set. The buckets do stand up on the ground pretty well without tipping, but there is a water or sand line on them to make it interesting. Everything glows in the dark brightly and will be fun for these lighter nights and to add to the challenge. This was fun for me and my 7 year old and we had onlookers wanting to play too, so I know this will be a hit when school's out for summer.

We Love This Game!

The Ropoda Updated Giant Yard Pong is the ultimate outdoor game that promises hours of entertainment and bonding with family and friends. Featuring durable buckets and balls, this set comes equipped with everything you need to enjoy a thrilling game of giant yard pong in your backyard, at the beach, during camping trips, or any outdoor gathering.

Set up the oversized buckets and aim to sink the balls like a pro, challenging your skills and strategizing with your teammates or opponents. Perfect for players of all ages, this game offers a fun-filled experience that excites teens, adults, and families alike, making it an excellent choice for social gatherings and parties.

Included with the game is a portable carry bag, making it easy to transport and store your yard pong set, allowing you to enjoy the game wherever your adventures take you. The convenience of the carry bag ensures that you can bring the excitement of giant yard pong to the beach, camping trips, picnics, or simply in your own backyard.

The durable construction of the Ropoda Giant Yard Pong set ensures longevity and resilience, with high-quality materials that withstand outdoor elements and vigorous gameplay. Whether you're aiming for the winning shot or playing for pure enjoyment, this set is designed to handle the excitement and energy of competitive yard pong matches.

In summary, the Ropoda Updated Giant Yard Pong is a fantastic addition to your outdoor game collection, offering fun and excitement for the whole family. Its portable nature, durable design, and inclusive gameplay make it an ideal gift choice for teens, adults, and families looking to enhance their outdoor experiences and create lasting memories together. Elevate your outdoor fun with the Ropoda yard pong set and enjoy endless hours of laughter and friendly competition in the great outdoors.