Happy playing time with Ropoda Giant Tumble Tower|Games for Kids and Adults|Customer Review
Ropoda Giant Tumble Tower, a must-have game for family playing time, also for outdoor and indoor Fun. Here to watch the true feedback from our customer. About this item 🟤 Ropoda Giant Timber Tower set includes 54 timber blocks measuring 6 x 2 x 1.3 inches, that is a great size for a group without being too large for indoor play. The outdoor game for adults and family is a great addition to outdoor gathering. ⚪️ As an additional bonus, the large yard games set includes 8 blocks that printed numbers, custom rules sheet and a dice. Enjoy the option of using these to change up the game, make the rules to make it more interesting, more interactive. 🟤 Made of premium wood, the giant outdoor games set has sturdy pieces, blocks are well sanded making the game easy to use. As a lawn game for game night, will keep the group entertained! ⚪️ Ropoda giant block games set comes in a nice bag that can hold all of the blocks. The caring bag keeps the blocks from getting lost, and is great for storage and transport.
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