Ropoda Giant Tumbling Tower Game


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  • 【SPACIOUS DESIGN】- Ropoda's Giant Tumber Tower set provides an ideal size for group play indoors while adding an exciting element to the game. This outdoor game is a fantastic addition to any social gathering for adults and families.
  • 【ENJOYABLE FOR ALL】- With an added advantage, this large yard game set includes 8 numbered blocks, a custom rules sheet, and a dice. These extra features allow for the game rules to be altered for a more engaging and interactive experience.
  • 【SUPERIOR QUALITY】- Our Giant Tumber Tower is crafted from top-quality wood, ensuring durability and smoothness of the blocks, making the game user-friendly. This lawn game is perfect for game nights and is well-appreciated as a gift as well!
  • 【CONVENIENT TO STORE AND CARRY】- Ropoda's giant block game set comes in a specially designed bag that can accommodate all the blocks. This bag prevents the blocks from being misplaced and is perfect for storing and transporting the game. It's ideal to keep in your car for spontaneous entertainment!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ada Roth
Very heavy set

This Jenga set is pretty good size. This is ment to play outdoors or on the floor. It stands at 2 feet tall when stacked for the game. You also get a large dice and a board to write on for rules. This didn't come with rules or instructions, it's a make up as you like game. They provide a carrying case which is great. They are heavy being made from real wood. The first 8 blocks have numbers on them and the rest are blank. I assume you can use the ones with numbers to make up rules to go with the board they provided. This is a great set for all to enjoy. Little ones would have to be careful,they could hurt if they fall on you. This was a great idea for me to get for this summer to use outdoors with the kids.

M. Mitchell
Adding to my giant game collection

I was excited to see this offered. I've been collecting giant versions of games we like to play.
We first got excited about giant games when we were on vacation and the place we were visiting had a giant connect 4 outside.
I noticed my older kids huddled around it and played for quite some time. I was thrilled to see them choosing to go outside instead of having their face in screens all day.
So I ordered it.
Then I found some giant hula hoops. Then I added tic tac toe and checkers in large sizes.
There's more, but you get the idea.

This is bigger than the well-known tabletop version. It's not huge though. I was disappointed until I thought about how it would be if a larger set tipped over and there was a child nearby. It could actually be dangerous, so this is probably a perfect size.

I love having wood games. So much is plastic these days, so a real wood game is delightful.

It's a little different playing with a larger set. You have to factor in the additional weight of the pieces and some moves that work for the small version don't work for this version.

That gives in a new twist to it and adds to the challenge.

Fun stuff.

This is awesome!

This is a really nice set of stacking blocks..the wooden blocks & dice are thick, smooth and not cheap made at all! My mail lady left these at my downstairs door & I struggled getting them up the stairs! Lol We were so excited when we opened it that we stacked them on my bar to play a round not thinking of the light above the bar lol so we didn’t stack the ones we pulled out since we didn’t have the room. My daughter took it home for her & her husband to play and they’re gonna take it to the beach with them to play with their friends which is where the numbered blocks, board & dice are gonna be fun where you can make your own rules. For example, they’re gonna do..if you pull out a #2 block you do whatever #2 says on board.. if you absolutely don’t want to do that you have a final chance & can roll the dice but you HAVE to do whatever # you draw.
I love that it’s set up to make your own rules so that you can make it family friendly, easy for younger ones like my grandkids, or adults only. We plan to set this up on our deck this summer for hours of fun! Best purchase I’ve made in a long time.
Absolutely recommend. It does stand a little under 2 ft tall once set up but will obviously get much taller once you start playing. It can even be played like we did the first time & not stack was still fun that way & may be safer for little ones because the blocks are heavy.

Patricia L

Great party game and even for just the two of us. Smooth polished pieces and zippered carrying case.

Aaron Palin
Giant jenga great product

First of all I love jenga and this giant jenga set it’s amazing it comes with a wooden dice and a dry erase board with marker to make up rules as you go. We even drew numbers on some of blocks the makes the rules on the board more interesting 10 out of 10