Ropoda Extra Thickness 3.9'' Sleeping Pad


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  • 【Exceptionally Comfortable with Extra Width & Thickness for Sleep Support】- Ropoda's camping self-inflating sleeping pad measures up to 77*27*3.9 inches when inflated, providing a barrier from the uneven ground and hard rocks. The built-in pillow/headrest feature ensures comfort even when sleeping on your side.
  • 【Quick Inflation Design with Foot Press】- Our upgraded sleeping pad features a built-in foot pump, eliminating the need for mouth inflation or carrying a separate pump. Simply stomp for 30-60 seconds to inflate. With the improved air release valve featuring a no-leak film, air leakage is no longer a concern! Deflation takes just a second!
  • 【Compact, Feather-Light & Easily Portable】- Our ultralight sleeping mat weighs a mere 1.76lb and can be compactly folded into an 11*4 in pack. The built-in pillow feature eliminates the need to carry an extra pillow. This compact camping pad is perfect for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.
  • 【Durable Ripstop & Waterproof Nylon Fabric】- Ropoda's Sleeping Pad is crafted from robust outdoor-grade materials, including 40D nylon and TPU coating. Say goodbye to backaches caused by rocks! Our camping mattress pads feature an innovative air cell design that evenly distributes pressure, ensuring superior comfort!

1.How do you deflate the pad?

Ropoda Inflatable Sleeping Pad has a valve located in the corner of the pillow. To deflate, simply pull the valve to release the air immediately. Please note, you need to pull it twice to fully open the air hole.

Please note, you need to pull it twice to fully open the air hole.

2.Can you inflate the pillow separately from the mattress?

The pillow and mattress are a whole and cannot be inflated separately.

3.Is TPU coating polyurethane?

The sleeping pad is made of durable outdoor grade materials -40D nylon and TPU coating.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mike S.
Quick, easy, and sturdy

Camped out 4 nights in the Texas Summer heat on uneven ground. Only had to inflate it once, and it took minutes. It kept my 54 year old back from touching the ground or hurting at all for the whole trip. Deflating and rolling it back up was easy too.

Fast and easy!

We bought two of these because we were sick of sleeping on the ground and hated our cumbersome cot! Absolutely loved the fact we could button them together to make a bed for both of us! It was super easy to inflate - my 5 yo niece did both of them by herself the first time we used them. They were rather comfortable, a lot more firm than I was expecting which I enjoy. My husband and I are not tiny people and we haven't experienced any deflating and they were thick enough to where nothing "bottomed out" during the night (like feeling my hips on the ground or anything). We are now planning on taking them on backpacking trips since they're pretty light too. I will come back at a later time and share my experience on that.

Marshall Gray
Surprisingly good buy

For the price I didn't think that this product would be as good as it is. It's easy to inflate easy to break down stores quickly and it seems pretty durable. Used it for over a week straight not one issue and is very comfortable

skinny viking
Really intuitive to use and comfrotable.

I have never had an inflatable camping mat before; my expereince is limited to cheap foam roll out mats.

I was plesantly suprised how easy it was to inflate with the built in vent at the foot. It was like doing really relaxed CPR. You can feel when the mat is full based on the quick onset of a decent amount of resistance to inflate.

I have not used this to camp, but my daughter used it when she got food poisoning so she could lay comfortably next to the bathroom instead of laying right on the floor.

So far I haven't encountered any issue with deflating during use. I am happy for that since I was concerned about the thickness of the material. Based on me pinching it (Not very scientific I know.) and then pinching an air matress I own, it feels to be about half the thickness of that.

The vents did seem also to be sturdy, but I would recommend not yanking on them or they may rip from the pad.

All-in-all, I would recommend this for the comfort, intuitive setup and breakdown, and the compact nature of it in its broken down state.

Cool Pump Concept

This air bed is pretty cool. I really like the method of using your foot to inflate it. No need to blow it up yourself or bring a separate pump. I didn’t count how many pumps it took but it didn’t take long before it was full of air. It also deflates very easily with the plug on the bottom. Folded and rolled back up just the way it came very easily. It came with 3 patches because we all know anything filled with air is prone to popping. I laid on it for a while and it seemed comfortable. My 4 year old also took advantage of it for some time and seemed to enjoy it. Anyway, I know another reviewer wasn’t a fan of the built in pillow. It might be nice to have as a separate air pocket so the user has a choice but if I had the option to have it or not have it I would probably have it just in case you didn’t have a pillow or anything with you - at least it’s something to keep your head elevated. I’d take this over the floor any day.