Ropoda Extra Thickness 6'' Sleeping Pad


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  • 【Enhanced Thickness & Ergonomic Unified Design】ropoda's camping sleeping pad is thicker than most, offering 6 inches of ultimate comfort and support. Enjoy a restful sleep even on uneven ground. Our Camping Pad comes with an integrated pillow that contours to the shape of your head and neck, ensuring excellent support and stability. Say goodbye to discomfort and restless nights.
  • 【Quick Inflation with Foot Press Design】Forget about manual inflation! ropoda's upgraded sleeping pad comes with a built-in foot pump, enabling you to inflate it within 2 minutes. No need to carry a separate pump or resort to mouth inflation for your camping mattress pad. The air release valve with its leak-proof film ensures swift and effortless deflation.
  • 【Compact, Featherweight & Easily Portable】The ropoda Ultralight self-inflating sleeping pad weighs a mere 2.2lb and can be folded down to a compact size of 12.2*4.3 inches. Our sleeping mat is ideal for hiking, camping, and all outdoor activities, and it also doubles as a convenient temporary bed indoors. Carry it with you effortlessly wherever you go!
  • 【Sturdy Ripstop & Waterproof Nylon Material】Constructed from durable outdoor-grade materials - 40D nylon and TPU coating, our camping pad is designed to endure. The innovative air cell design ensures even pressure distribution, offering superior comfort and preventing backaches caused by hard surfaces. Stay dry and comfortable all night long with the ropoda sleeping pad.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Miguel angel Vergara jr.
Field tested.

I bought this for a big camping trip I had coming up and it held up beautifully. The dimensions are spot on so make sure you’re getting the right size you need. The whole air pump built in is genius! It’s super easy to use, the only downfall being that the flap to stop the airflow gets in the way while pumping it full of air. I had to keep holding it out of the way. An option to remove it while pumping would be nice, but to be honest you can just cut it off and it’ll work the way I’m explaining. Overall it’s a great comfy purchase!

A camp pad that ACTUALLY gets you up off the ground.

I've tried several of these camp pads of all different types. I'm a side sleeper that does a lot of camping so I've been trying for years to find one that will get me a good nights sleep. I started off with the self-inflating ones that have foam on the inside and are only about an inch thick. Though it did a decent job of insulating from the ground, it don't do much to actually cushion and I woke up with a sore back every single time. I then moved to an inflatable pad that was a little thicker (about 3") but it still did a horrible job of getting me off the ground. I decided to give this ropoda extra thick inflatable pad a try, and I'm glad I did! This is the first camp pad that I have ever used that I can lay on without feeling the ground. I can even lay on my side on it and my hip barely touches. I weigh about 180 so I expect to sink into it a bit but it holds me up surprisingly well.

The construction of the pad itself seems great. It really is extra thick when fully inflated (about 6") and though it does have a little interior structure, it's not a web of individual cells like some of the ones I've had before. The material is comfortable and in my opinion, it's a perfect balance between sturdy and lightweight. Rolled up, this thing isn't much bigger than my self-inflating pad and it's a similar weight as well. It's not heavy and fits easily in my camping bag.

The built-in inflation pump is a simple concept. It's basically a block of foam and a one-way valve. You use your foot or hand to compress the foam which pushes air out the one way valve and when the foam springs back it sucks air into the mattress. It's painfully slow but effortless if you're using your foot and surprisingly effective if you aren't in a hurry. Alternatively you can just blow into the big one-way valve and easily inflate it the old fashioned way. That's the method I prefer as it's a lot faster but the "pump" works well too. Deflating the mattress is equally easy. You just pull out the interior portion out of one of the 2 built in valves and it dumps all of the air out while you roll it up.

The pad has a nice shape with a built-in pillow. The material is comfortable on bare skin and has just enough texture to keep my sleeping bag from sliding around. You also get three adhesive patches and a carrying bag included in the kit.

Overall I'm very happy with this camp pad. It's $38.99 at the time of this review and for a nice thick pad that's light enough to carry in my pack and actually gets me off the ground for once, I think it's a great value. I would definitely recommend this one.

Super portable and comfy inflatable bed

Received this inflatable bed and was surprised at how small and portable it is. It's also incredibly light and can be put into a backpack in case if you're going camping or need it in your luggage in case you might be sleeping on someone's floor. I was kind of curious at where the pump would even be included in such a small little package, but was pleasantly surprised at how innovatively they included a pump built into the air mattress at the foot of it; let me explain below.

As you can see from the photos I’ve provided, it's very portable in size. It's also very lightweight which is also helpful. Being small I was really concerned at how comfortable or how big when unfolded it would be. But once you remove it from its bag, and fully open it up, it expands to a very large size. make sure that you also follow the instructions on how to ensure that the vents and the seals are closed/opened, so that way you're able to easily inflate the bed with the built-in pump.

The built-in pump actually expands, and you can either use your feet or your hands in order to inflate it. It does take a little bit of time to inflate, but it actually inflates really well. I was kind of concerned about how comfortable it would be and if it would even be able to sustain my body weight, but sometimes working in my office I have to sleep on the floor because I'm working late at night and it's too late to go home, so I gave it a try for two nights while I was stuck in the office. Surprisingly, it was really comfortable. I was also able to fully fit onto the air mattress, and it even came with a nice little raised pillow end. I'm 6'1, and I was able to comfortably fit onto this air mattress. From the included photo you can see how I'm able to lay down and still have a little bit of room to spare on the head end portion of the air mattress.

After sleeping for two nights, I didn't notice any air leakage. I was also impressed that it was able to hold my body weight up, as I weigh close to 250 lb. The comfort on this is actually really good, and I was also pleasantly happy that it didn't deflate overnight. Deflation overnight is something that I have experienced on other air mattresses, but I didn't experience it on this one.

Additionally, it comes with a little bit of a repair kit so that way you can seal up any possible leaks. I'm not sure how well this little repair kit works, but the material on the air mattress feels thick and well made to be able to withstand several uses, and be a little bit resilient.

The only criticism I have on this air mattress is how many pumps it takes on the built-in pump in order to inflate the mattress. Although it takes a bit of time, it does get the job done. But if it took less effort that would be greatly appreciated.

Because of the size and portability, and also its comfort level, I give this air mattress five out of five stars and make it a strongly recommended buy for others out there. It's a great buy especially for those that are camping, might need a spare bed in their office space or someplace else, or if you're ever visiting or having visitors coming to your home and need a quick bed in a jiffy. This would also be a great gift to anyone that might need it for any of the reasons I mentioned above.