Ropoda Self Inflating Sleeping Pad


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  • 【Comfortable Sleeping Experience】 - The Ropoda sleeping pad for camping is filled with high-density elastic foam that automatically inflates and quickly rebounds for a soft and comfortable sleep. The built-in pillow keeps you off the ground, providing a bed-like sleeping experience even outdoors.
  • 【Thickened & Extendable Size Mat】 - The Ropoda foam sleeping pad is 3.1 inches thick, offering more comfort than standard 1.5-2 inch pads. With an inflated size of 77.9" * 26.3" * 3", it easily accommodates adults. Buttons on both sides allow you to extend it into a multi-person mattress.
  • 【Fast-Rebound Design】 - Upgraded with dual valves, the sleeping pad automatically inflates when opened, eliminating the need for a pump or mouth blowing. This foam camping mattress is ideal for camping, car travel, folding beds, and more.
  • 【High-Quality Materials】 - Made with high-density foam that distributes weight evenly, the Ropoda camping mat helps prevent back pain. Its surface is made of breathable, sweat-absorbent knitted fabric that is more durable and comfortable than nylon. With an R-value of up to 9.5, it provides ultimate insulation, making it suitable for all seasons.
  • 【Easy to Store】 - The Ropoda self-inflating sleeping pad comes with a large storage bag featuring shoulder straps and two compression straps, making it easy to store and transport. The sleeping pad can be rolled up to a compact size of 7.8” * 26.7” and weighs only 7.76 lbs.

1.How long does it take to self inflate?

We recommend leaving it at room temperature for several hours after unpacking to let the foam expand. Typically, it takes about 15 minutes to self-inflate, but you can add a few puffs of air for optimal results.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
deborah j trescott
Durable and comfortable. Self-inflating. Includes carrying bag.

This sleeping pad inflates quickly. It is really comfortable and durable. I like that it is weather/waterproof. This comes with an included patch kit which is a nice bonus. This can also be snapped together with another mattress using the snaps on the sleeping pad. This comes with a carrying bag but trying to get the sleeping pad into the carrying bag is nearly impossible. There are however, 2 elastic bands that once the pad is rolled up, can go around the pad to keep it from coming undone. The only thing about this sleeping pad is the weight. I ordered this to take on our backpacking camping trip. It is quite heavy for me to carry any distance. I'm a 5'-3", 72 year old woman which doesn't help but this would be heavy for a younger woman to carry any distance. Other than the weight issue, I am very pleased with the comfort and durability of this sleeping pad!

M. Allen
Great for bunkbeds in fishing cabins! Long enough for tall hubby!

ropoda Self Inflating Sleeping Pad: We often stay at cabins for fishing trips. The beds, usually bunkbeds, often leave a lot to be desired. We have been looking for a pad for my tall, big guy hubby to help his back on these trips, and we found it in this pad. What I liked:

1. Plenty long for his 6 ft 5.5 inch tall frame.

2. Easy to stow, transport, carry, put on bed, inflate.

3. Well made, durable construction and easy to clean fabric. The snaps on the side make it possible to connect to another pad. In our early days of tent camping this would have been useful, but not a feature we would use now.

4. Firm and thick, will add support to softer mattresses with no springs. Even with his heavy frame, he did not collapse the foam or stress the cover.

5. Fills up quickly when values are open. Even thickness throughout.

Sounds perfect so far! Then I tried to pack it away. Opened the values and started at a corner of the pillow as instructed. No matter how much pressure I applied with knees and hands, I could not get any air to release. I needed some way to gently open at least one part of the value. So, I found a round, plastic-coated soft wire and bent it in half, with the bent end rounded. I slipped the rounded end gently into the value, and pesto, air would release. Repeated on the other valve. Was able to fairly quickly work the air out from the pillow end, rolling as I went and keeping pressure on with both knees. As I got close to one end, I removed the wire from one value and closed it. Finished rolling and getting the air out, then closed the second value. The pad shrunk down enough in size it fit easily into the storage sack with room to spare! I look a star off for this; the values should work without a go-around on the part of the purchaser. I put the coated wires in a small container and will store with the pad so future packing-up will go smoothly!

If you hike long distances, this is not the pad you would probably like, since it does not roll up into a really small roll; but for on-site tent camping or trying to improve beds in cabins, this is a great pad.

Wubble Gubble
Quick Inflation, Very Comfortable And Durable!!

I like this self inflating sleeping pad far and above the old type of inflatable sleeping pad that required a hand pump and always seams to spring a leak in the middle of the night!

The self inflating sleeping pad is really comfortable.

All you do is roll the sleeping pad out with the plugs facing to the ground, then pull the plugs and you will hear the sleeping pad drawing air inward, and that quick it is inflated and the plugs can be re-inserted.

- The sleeping pad features a pillow as well!

The material is really quite rugged and waterproof as well.

With a R-Value of 9.5 it will mitigate cold radiation from the ground coming at your body.

* At under 8 pounds it can easily be tied to Molle straps on you pack for hiking.

Rolling the sleeping pad up is easy, first remove both plugs and begin at the end opposite end with the plugs by rolling the pad using your knees to press air out when necessary and once the sleeping pad is rolled, place the nylon straps and re-insert the air plugs and it fits neatly into the storage bag then.

Spencer Scott Holmes
The modern day, primal man bedding.

This mattress is like the perfect setup for the few essentials a man needs. Add this with a big screen TV and a video game console of the users choice and he will be set for life. I always like sleeping on the floor with a thin mattress and this one here is the perfect setup for that.

The mattress unrolls out and then in just about 30 plus seconds the unit fills up automatically with air after I opened the valves. Now it didn't fill up as much as I thought it would. Especially looking at the pictures. It already is built with some comfy foam and the air just sorts makes it a bit more formed out. It is quite comfortable. I'm always nostalgic for a Boy Scout style camp out. This does the full package and is easy on both a side and back sleep. Combined with a sleeping bag and I am beyond set.

When I went to roll it all up, I couldn't get all the air out. But at least I could roll it just enough to get it back in the bag. I feel this would be a bit cumbersome for backpacking but it's perfectly sized for throwing in the truck and taking camping. Or being practical and minimalistic in an apartment setting. I'm going to use mine for my backyard summer tent when the temperature gets a little out of control in the house.

All and all, I really do dig this mat. Even if the air part is a little mysterious in both in and out set up. Overall, the perfect floor mattress beyond that.

Excellent value!

Not a perfect self inflating sleeping mat but you cannot beat the price compared to other big name brands.

Over the years, I have used a variety of sleeping pads- inflatable, self inflating, foam etc. Now that I am almost 6 decades in age, I prefer comfort over minimalism. You cannot beat the comfort of a self inflating foam pad.

With that, I am comparing this 26.3x77.9x3 ropoda Self Inflating Sleeping Pad with my Big Agnes Hinman self inflating pad which is 40x77x4. The Hinman is much wider and 4" thick. But the ropoda, at 3" thick, feels like the 4" thick Hinman. There are minor differences where I prefer the Hinman but at half the price, the ropoda is a great value for the cost conscious camper.




+EZ to set up

+Built in "pillow" (4.7" cushion at the head) which is a big PLUS! Especially over the Hinman.

+Versitile- you can snap/button additional ropodas together.

Minor discrepancies (and I mean MINOR):

-Heavy. Description states it is 7.2 lbs but the pictures say it is 7.76 lbs which is more accurate as I weighed it with a postage scale. by comparison, my Hinman, which is much larger, weighs only 2 oz more. Nevertheless, these are not for hiking/backpacking as both are too heavy.

-Two-way value to inflate but not to deflate. A self inflating map does not need a two way valve to inflate because the air is going to expand the foam inside without air escape. And you can top it off by blowing a few breaths into it to increase firmness to suit your comfort preference. However, when deflating, the two-way in works against you when deflating (the tougher and more time consuming task) and allows air to come back in while you reposition to squeeze out as much air as possible. I had to roll and squeeze 3xs to get it to the compact level I wanted.

-It is large when deflated. As you can see in the photos, when compared to the larger Hinman (shorter but larger diameter), this mat takes up about the same, maybe more sq inches of real estate when packed away.

I already took a little nap on this on my basement floor and felt almost as comfortable as my bed. While I cannot comment on the durability until I have taken it out in the elements for a few trips, it feels the same quality as higher end pricier self inflating pads.

Highly recommend this pad as you can't beat the price.